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Somerville Striders Athletic Club is a small organization made up of many diverse folks who have been
active in running, biking, hiking, football, baseball, basketball, golfing and swimming within
Somerville, MA, New England and the World since 1995.

The Somerville Striders Athletic Club
goal is to provide a comfortable environment for those who
enjoy running, biking, hiking and swimming as part of their lives - NOT the whole being....you need
not be a former collegiate running star to be with us but we have them, you need not have ever
run a marathon or even entertained the idea of running one to be with us but we have them, and
if you are just looking for a group of folks that you just want to join in with on a run once in awhile
and then enjoy a cold beer or coke...you're welcome cause, we have loads of them too:>)


SSAC Mascot

"Scotch & Water Please"?

President for Life

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