US House Web Addresses

US House Web Addresses

USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation

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"Membership List-Why Aren't You On It

Because it is very easy to become a member of USACFRF!

Once you purchase any USACFRF licensed item..such as a racing tank top, a t-shirt..something that USACFRF distributes with the bold USACFRF logo
on it you officially become one of us for life...You are also encouraged to come back each year and continue to support USACFRF with a new purchase.

The Awards that USACFRF gives out at various race series, the Iron Hoof Awards, the website all cost money and your support is needed and appreciated.

Papa Clyde came to the realization that he is not a membership coordinator and that the headaches of getting members to pay a yearly fee is quite laborious and
well un-eventfull almost like pulling a surfer out of a sharks mouth...the new train of thought is that it is better to encourage those that are interested to purchase
USACFRF merchandise that has the USACFRF logo on it and thus help in promoting USACFRF and the Clydesdale & Filly Movement this way as well as one
getting something tangible for one's hard earned money!!!

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